A Companion

Unfortunately for this family was a long time in the making, 18 years in the making. their pet snake. " Monty " Did something Unbelievable. Swallowed a Whole Beach Towel! Once the towel was finally out, the team couldn’t help but marvel at how big it was, and how Monty had managed to fit it in her slim body. The beach towel took some time for the animal hospital docter to remove the dry humongous towel. That was used for the pool side or laying out on the beach. Thank goodness the snake was rushed to the hospital ( In Australia ). I wonder if the snake thought digesting the towel would taste good, or maybe the towel had some jelly on it. and the snake kept on devouring the towel whole. Either way, Whether the towel tasted good for a second. Who Knows. But one thing now. Is that family will be extra careful on what the pet companion will be eating.

Music By: Spring HOVATOFF


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