A dog that never barks

Su yun From China, wanted to go on a vacation with her family, to china. And also buy a baby dog on the way back....She had everything planned out. two years later the dog grew up...and did not seem to be much of a dog, rather than a big lion/bear.?!...eventually su yun figured she had get rid of the 3 foot + Dog / Wild animal....due to it not being in it;s natural habitat.....even though she though that the dog may have been a mix....bred, with an artisian Bear...or Hamalyan bear. Su yun and her family had no idea what to do....because this dog was just growing bigger, faster than expected. And this could possibly put the yun family's life's in danger. Calling this dog to suspicion on it not really being what it was sold to be .; a (Tibetan Mastiff) ..the animal experts took the dog for more evaluation.

Music By: Dana Vibe Tracks


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