A friendly Squirrel Knocks on the door

Michelle went to the vet to put her dog down. After 13 years she decided that this was the right thing to do. Considering this is what the doctors were calling for. Michelle drove back home. And was pretty sad. All of a sudden she heard a tap tap tap on the door. Who could that be she wondered. When Michelle opened the door she looked down.. and seen a squirrel. So she ran into her kitchen and got some nuts for the squirrel..when she cam back to the front door, she threw the nut outside. And then the squirrel took the nuts and ran away. The same squirrel came back day after day. Until The lady Michelle became close friends the the squirrel. Giving it the name stymie! After a while Michelle decided to do some cleaning up in her house and sell a few things. This was to help pay for her road trip she was planning to take around the world. When Michelle Had left... She ended up being very close to Stymie...which reminded her of her pet dog who recently passed. She Soon after with the love and friendship of her dog & Squirrel CO. Founded Budgie Lou Brew Coffee & Co. Leave a Comment & Like

Music By: Under The Rug Density & Time


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