Nudist running through the park

The boar was seen running through the park carrying a bag in its mouth which contained a laptop. The owner of the laptop followed close behind While the man was bathing, she said, the boars calmly ate a pizza from his bag and then went “looking for a dessert”. But the man who owned it realized it was the bag with his laptop. there were many nude sunbathers at the spot when the boar appeared. fortunately the boar came back with the bag, which obtained his lap top. Wild boars are common in the forests around Berlin and can occasionally be seen venturing through city parks in search of food. Germany is famed for naturism; it is common for sunbathers and swimmers to strip off in the warmer months and many beaches and public parks permit nudity as part of Freikorperkultur, which translates to “free body culture”. Music By: Secret Conversations The 126ers

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