A Team of 12 dogs help make grocery deliveries across northern Maine

The 22-year-old started a grocery delivery service using her sled dogs. Hannah Lucas, a 22-year-old working at Circle K, knew she wanted to help after noticing that older adults were coming in for just a few grocery items. Now, two teams make four to six deliveries across northern Maine each day. In New York City, groceries are delivered across the city on a bike. In suburban Atlanta, perishables might be transported in the trunk of a car. But in Caribou, Maine, groceries are now being delivered by dogs. Lucas posted her idea for a delivery service in a local Facebook group, and the response was overwhelming. This was great news to the main residents, helping them avoid public spaces and lowering their risk of contracting the coronavirus. "It feels really bigger than myself, to be able to know that I'm helping keep these people safe," Lucas said. "

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