An Elderly Man Saves The Day!

It was a sunny day in the neighborhood. A young girl frantically knocked on her neighbor's door. Saying her dog had grabbed a-hold of her sister and wouldn't let go. Her neighbor an 88 year old man jumped into action right away. Leonard lunged out of his house and grabbed the 3 foot nut cracker from the lawn. He hit the pit bull on the back of the neck until he let go of the girl. The two girls ran outside of the house. And Leonard locked the dog inside. This veteran was pretty old, but luckily for the girls. their neighbor was home. Leonard Miller was sitting in his kitchen on Sunday afternoon in Perry Township near Canton, Ohio, when somebody started banging on his front door. It was his panicked 13-year-old neighbor. "She says the dog has got a hold of my sister and won’t let go, my little sister,"

Music By: Frost HOVATOFF


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