Blood Falls

Blood Falls is a completely desolate & unwelcoming area. Iron-rich water sporadically extracts down the fall. Blood falls resembles the color of blood. Antarctica’s Dry Valleys are one of the most. alienated environments on the planet. In 1911 geologist discovered ‘The Glacier Blood Fall’. Firstly, they believed that the red color came from algae. Microbes/Bacteria have been living under ice in .. Taylor Glacier for over 2 million yrs. Isolated under capsules of ice for so long.. makes the flow of water red. You can only reach this place by helicopter. red falls were first discovered in Antarctica in 1911 where scientists noticed a river had stained ice cliff dramatically red color. A grand phenomenon. And something squeezed in between ice for so long mixed with the water already flowing brings the magic. It's like burning medal. And it's not turning black.

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