Come to Polar Bear Capital

in the Polar Bear Capital of the World!

Plan a visit to Churchill, Canada

Each fall, the world's largest concentration of polar bears convenes on the western edge of Hudson Bay, waiting for the ice to form and their winter seal-hunting season to begin

By the last two weeks in October, and the first two weeks in November, some 600 to 1,000 bears are massed along a 100-mile-long stretch of coast between the Nelson and Churchill rivers.

The Tundra Lodge, which hold exclusive occupancy of during polar bear season, is a unique rolling hotel placed in an area of high bear density at the beginning of each season. It accommodates up 29 guests, and each guest has a single private compartment similar to a sleeping berth on a train.

There are also several outdoor viewing platforms, each with steel-mesh flooring enabling guests to witness from up-close any bears that may wander below! Food is Included for you!


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