Windjammer Festival

Camden, Maine has a deep maritime history and they keep it alive every year with the Camden Windjammer Festival. The festival is like stepping into a time machine to the 1930s.

They have a huge windjammer fleet, elegant yachts and sailing ships that adorn their vibrant community. Plus, the seafood is unbeatable. Stay for the whole weekend for a lobster crab race, a fish relay race, a build-a-boat contest, a chowder challenge and more. The Windjammer Festival is one of the coolest events in the world that you’ve never heard of.

September 4 – 5, 2020 – Camden Windjammer Festival

The fleet gathers in picturesque Camden Harbor for festivities reminiscent of the days when hundreds of coastal schooners lined the waterfront. Festivities include a parade of sail, flag-raising ceremonies, live music, dancing and fireworks. Raft-Up!

As there are many festivals around the world, this festival is one of the best and lest for days.



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