In Gold Country

One fine Summer day in California, Gold country. This couple living in Gold country decided to take a long walk through gold country with there beloved dog. When all of a sudden, they both, at the same time, .. Spotted something Super shiny sticking out of the dirt. As one of them decided to pick it up out of the ground, then seen more cans. Exactly 8 more tin cans. To their surprise there was old coins from the 1800's in ALL the cans. What a surprise So they took them home. And called a specialist. and a few of their close friends and relatives. To get a peek at their great finding. Once the word was out, about the gold coins.The News + Papers wanted to specify of 30 thousand in gold coins stolen in the 1800's. Stating, those could be the coins. The family argued it was saved up money instead. Anything could be possible. But finding them in the mid 2000's led to them being much more than they were worth back in the day. Leave a comment.

Music By: A Quiet Thought Wayne Jones

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