People hearing a dragon like noise coming from the woods

Thousands of villagers in China have flocked to search for what they thought was a 'mysterious creature' after hearing loud noises that apparently sounded like a dragon's growling. during the bird’s breeding season, the female buttonquail repeatedly utters the booming hoots which can be heard as far as 100 metres away. the strange sound heard in a Chinese village was that of a bird called buttonquail. “It is hardly bigger than a sparrow and has a disproportionately loud song,” no local villager was quoted saying they heard a terrifying roar. it was on June 20 that villagers first heard a strange sound coming from the mountains. Mysterious sounds were heard from a mountain in the area, but the video with the strange sounds is heavily edited. It was actually a bird singing. just a bird that can make quiet a few rare sounds. including making loud sounds right before terrible weather.

Music By: The Blue Pearl Jesse Gallagher

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