International Kite Festival

Every year, In Gujarat India, they celebrate more than 200 festivals. Each and every year Residents spend months preparing grand, colourful and decorative kites. It's a sight to behold. The Time of Kite International Festival is Also the Prayer Time. the mornings start with a serious praying to gods and deities. Indian festivals are incomplete without delicious food including snacks, sweets and other items. So Special Food Items are Prepared.

The festivals attract expert kite-makers and flyers not only from cities of India but also from all around the world. The festivals are one of the most auspicious days across the country for the farmers as it also suggests the beginning of the harvest season. The kite festival also marks the arrival of—the time of the year when days start becoming longer and warmer. During this week-long festival, the city skyline is full of diverse kites that differ in sizes, shapes, designs, and colours. The shapes and designs of the kites are based on animals, birds, insects, fishes, cartoon characters, mythological figures, flags, etc.

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