Is Global Warming Rising

When someone talk's about global warming, all you think about is breaking ice glaciers, evaporating water, and a drought. Spring is here early for 2021 with mild wet honey dew mornings, What a great time to start planting and growing, But watch out for the dry summer to come, we could possibly get a few heat waves to dry us out & our plants. so to stay moist, we must obtain lost of water, whether the weather becomes rainy for 30% percent of the summer, this will only result in rainbows and heated sky's falling down on us with over exhausting sweaty nights to come this year. stay prepared.

2021 will be great, warm, adventurous, globally expanding and more.

And for the most part sunny and warm with a high of 75%-103% spring & summer USA. Canada, UK, South America. ect.

The sun and the earth will keep the ground warm during the day and moist at night for a healthy land for all, Keep the world clean of all trash.

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