Lady with growing stomach

She became concerned as she ballooned from a size 14 to a 22 despite eating healthily, and began to experience blackouts and difficulty breathing. Doctors eventually referred her for an ultrasound, which revealed the alarming cyst, when numerous blood tests confirmed she was not pregnant. A woman with a huge stomach who doctors thought was pregnant actually had a cyst weighing four stone (26kg) - the same as seven newborns. Katie lost her right ovary in the surgery but medics say her odds of becoming a mother are unaffected. The surgery katie endured was something like a sea section, where they slice the bottom half of your stomach open. An ovarian cyst is a common condition in which a fluid-filled sac develops on a woman's ovary. They often do not cause any symptoms and disappear on their own. After the surgery was over. katie was looking back to normal.

Music By: Divine Life Society Jesse Gallagher

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