Learn From Home How To Play Violin And Fiddle

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This systematic videos program takes beginner's all the way through Suzuki Book 1 in about 7 months (take longer if you need to). When you’re ready for a bigger challenge, Suzuki Book 2 could be for you! Learn 24 great American and Irish fiddle tunes in about 8 months, PLUS the techniques you need to make any tune a foot-tappin’ show stopper and also, explore much more for you instore right here.

This is perfect for Anyone learning music at home. Courses cater for all levels, from beginner up. is there a difference between violin playing and fiddle playing? Yes.

a violin is used for classical music and a fiddle is used for folk, country, ect. The 'fiddle' and the 'violin' are (physically speaking), exactly the same instrument. The difference is all to do with style. Learn it all right here.

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