LED Sun Powered Lantern

Solar Air Lantern

Just lay in the sun to charge full 7 hrs works for 24 hrs straight Led lights Only 19.97 - 50% off the 2nd one! Free shipping when you order 3 or more. order more than 1 and get a free survival kit. Light up your camp site by hanging it on a tree Home Page: https://tinyurl.com/y5b4c8aj




📷Clear finish, cool white LEDs📷4 Light modes: low, medium, high, 1 sec flashing📷Lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge📷Waterproof, packs flat, shatterproof📷Lighter than most mobile phones https://tinyurl.com/y5b4c8aj The Original Solar Air Lantern can provide emergency lighting without relying on batteries, fuel or the need to plug it into the wall for power. Just lay in the sun to charge - then inflate the lantern and enjoy hours of bright ambient light. Keep one in your car, at home, or in your bug out bag - the Original Solar Air Lantern can provide the backup light that you need. https://tinyurl.com/y5b4c8aj

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