Most Poisonous Creature On The Planet

Inland Taipan Snake

These snakes are able to kill over 100 people or 250,000 mice at one time. This snake's dangerous venom is so potent be aware. This is mostly in the area of Australia. And is endemic to the central east Australia regions. Only a drop of venom makes them that lethal of creatures. These grow in length from 6.5 ft. - 9.5 ft. but most usually range pretty small in size, about 1-2 ft. This is the most venomous animal to all living kind.

This is an extremely fast snake species. They strike instantly and always kill their prey with their venom immediately. If you ignore these type of snake warning when the stand up and jerk their head at you, then they release the poisonous venom. Leaving you to die in 30 min or so. There's threat is 50x more than the king cobra snake. The discovery of this bad creature was in the 1800's.. Lost information and less potential nature time for exploring this rare creature went south for a 100's of years, 1972-2000 + brought new expedition on the endemic creatures of the world.

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