Mysterious Monolith

Mysterious monolith

In a world plagued by the Corona epidemic, a new mystery is looming at the end of the year. Metallic monoliths are being found in several countries of the world including America. The prism-shaped metal pillar was first seen in the deserts of the state of Utah in the United States. Of course, it disappears before anyone knows who installed it.

Monoliths have since been found in several other US states and parts of Europe. The monolith mystery has not yet been solved. The matter is a matter of concern. The Monoliths come in all sizes and some with notes or strange unknown symbols and numbers on some of them. the mirror of reflex 'ion is what people see when you approach one. if you even find one. Because most are in parks, near cemeteries, & open field, worth the travel to see. And one even in front of someone's yard on their lawn. How surprising to see such a sculptor from our prism experiences everyone's learned about. This is a spectacular geometric silver chrome textured liking everyone loves.

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