Natural Wonders

There are so many natural wonders in the world. And here are just a few of what you will like. many of the most impressive sites on the planet were crafted by Mother Nature herself. There are so many beautiful Naturally formed places in the entire world. with each one being more extraordinaire than the last. These are some well known places...below... Victoria Falls. ... Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis. ... Grand Canyon. ... Parícutin Volcano. ... Harbour of Rio de Janiero. ... Mount Everest. ... Great Barrier Reef. Comment on the video above. and let me know if you are liking it.

There a plenty of Natural Wonders to explore across the globe.

Important Facts:

Mount Everest is not actually the highest mountain on our planet, but it is the highest spot on Earth. The highest mountain when measuring above sea level is Mount McKinley in Alaska.

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