Pay it forward Prank

A house keeper was sent to clean a famous person's house. A house keeper name Cara Simon's cleans houses for a living. Being single, and having 3 kids. She worked super hard for a living. Cara usually worked in Cleveland Ohio. Near where she lived. Working as a house cleaner, she had alot of duties. One morning Cara was assigned a hue job at "a very important clients house" When Cara arrived, the caterer was already there. Her first job was to try out the food before the party. To Cara's surprise, They had everything. African Lobster, Real gold flaked cake, and much more. Next there was a knock on the door. And she was asked to answer it. Next thing you know, she was testing out the masseuse for the party. When Cara looked up, the doorbell rang once more. When she opened the door a second time, she seen her belongings tossed in the living room. She stood dazed and confused. Cara's family an friends decided to tell her it was all a prank. ( prank it forward) was there to see her reaction. Cara was actually given the house for all her had work and dedication in the cleaning business. Cara and her 3 kids will live happy and stress free from now on! Comment below. Subscribe

Music By: Song of Sadhana Jesse Gallagher


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