Bog Snorkeling Fest Fun

Bog snorkeling is a unique sporting event.

Conventional swimming techniques are not allowed – these athletes must rely on flipper power alone.

Although this unique sport is held in august every year.

The aim of the game is to complete two lengths of the 60-foot cold and murky bog in the shortest time possible. Competitors are kitted out in snorkels, masks and flippers (wetsuits are optional but advised!) and to add to the silliness, an additional rule is that they are not allowed to use any traditional swimming strokes, so thrashing, wiggling, and splashing are the only eligible ways to race to the finish.

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Every summer, Llanwrtyd Wells, the smallest town in Britain (population: 601), plays host to the annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships. The world record is 1 minute 35 seconds and if you think you can beat it then head down to South Wales on August Bank Holiday weekend (last Monday in August) and join the other 150 competitors vying for the title.

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