Quarantined for Most

Hannah Lucas is a twenty-two year old resident of main. Ever since the Corona Virus hit More and more people are obviously feeling susceptible to the virus. So most people stayed home and quarantined themselves from catching the illness.. So, being that Hannah was working at Circle K. She saw the elderly shopping for small amounts of food. And right then she knew exactly how to minimize the risk of getting ill. In the town Caribou, they had sled dogs racing. And this is where Hannah spent most of her time training with northern Siberian Huskies. She posted an add on facebook. Soon enough, she started receiving calls and requests. The dogs seemed thrilled to help. And one elderly couple had tears in their eyes from the passionate feeling they got seeing the sled dogs come up the their house with their groceries, Hannah did so well.... she plan continuing this business next winter also.

Music By: Wind Marching For Rain Puddle of Infinity


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