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[Raffle Draw] - Kid Got Suspicious Prize

See how a Kid Got Suspicious Prize A kid had received some ice hockey tickets from his dad. So they both ended up going to the game. That particular day, the stadium was holding a raffle draw so the little boy's dad payed for 8 tickets. So the little boy can win a prize. With the boy's luck, His name was one of the winners. When the boy collected his prize, he has seen the bag was stuffed with a whole bunch of goodies. So after the game, the boy took the prize home and layed it on the counter for his mom and dad. Later that evening his parents were enjoying the night, when all of a sudden, the dad went through the goodies and found and whole lot of other things. Thing's including a bottle a Paraphernalia, a pipe and a lighter. The man, obviously jumped into action right away and called the cops. To deal with the situation he was dealing with. Because the present were apparently suppose to be for the kids. and as a family outing, he did not understand why.

Music By: Animaux Obscènes Dan Bodan #RaffleDraw #Chill #Quarantine

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