Rarest Owl On The Planet

This rare bird was discovered in 1884 by a young biologist discovering the planet.

The population now is at only a few thousand of them left. The rare owl's only live in China, Russia and north east Asia. Some were sent to Siberia to live in a more desolate regional area to keep the expansion of the owl's thriving in the wild by some more random biologists. These owls have large ears and look like something from the dodo bird times in the 60s when tv shows were fairly new. Something straight out of a movie.

Their habitat, lifestyle, and social upbringing is what conservatives have been studying about this species of owl. Making this the rarest owl, because it is not world wide and is an endangered species makes this the rarest owl on the planet. This owl is the largest and weigh's up to 10lbs. Any other bird does not mess around with this particular owl because it is larger when they expand their wings.

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