Real Treat For Caviar Connoisseurs

golden caviar produced from the eggs of a very rare female albino sturgeon.

Given the bird needs to be 60-100 years of age to even produce these magnificent egg shells made for expensive taste buds. Almas caviar costs $25000USD for 2.2lbs - making it the most expensive in the world! Leaves you with a velvety taste in your mouth with a nice flavor. also the most expensive food on the planet as well.

which swims in the southern Caspian Sea where there is less rural area. The eggs pop to release a grand flavor. Which can make these expensive things addicting like your favorite candy. And you can buy these in a 24K gold tin.

Opened with a prestigious smell and smooth bite. You can call these rare diamonds if you choose. This caviar is a real treat for caviar connoisseurs. The Romans used caviar as a form a medicine. Believing this delicacy was made to give you strength.

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