Strange Facts Of The World

Find out some weird facts about the world!

Our world is very diverse. New things happen here all the time. Some of which are revealed, some remain unknown. There are also some incidents for which the answer has not been found yet.

Some of these strange facts of the world have become headlines again. But let's find out some weird facts-

> In ancient times, the fire was made by burning mummies in Egypt. Because, there was a shortage of wood, but there was no shortage of mummies.

> The thickest (widest) piece of ice in Antarctica has a radius of 3 miles !!

> 98% of the world's total sold candles are bought by girls.

> 42% of men and 25% of women in the world do not clean their hands after using public toilets or bathrooms.

> People in Switzerland eat the most chocolate in the world. On average, everyone eats about 10 kg a year.

> Every minute there are 6 thousand or more lightning strikes in the whole world!

> More people die each year from hippopotamus attacks than from any other animal on the African continent.

> France Fry's birthplace is not in France but in Belgium.

> People forget to take toothbrushes most when traveling somewhere.

> Birth rate in August is higher than all other months. In other words, August is the most celebrated birthday in the world.

> As long as no food mixes with the saliva in your mouth, you can enjoy the taste of that food.

> Fish fiber is used to make most lipsticks.

> Birds need gravitational balls to swallow food. That is, if a bird is allowed to eat food

on the moon, it will not be able to swallow the food.

> China makes 80 percent of the world's toys!

> India has more post offices than any other country?

> If you reverse the letters of the English word 'level', it will remain the same!

> The most used letter in the English alphabet is ‘E’ and the least used letter is ‘Q’.

> An egg contains all types of vitamins except vitamin C!

> Women's heart beats faster than men's heart.

> Not only the heart but women also drop their eyelids faster than men !! (Almost twice as fast)

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