The Last Resort

A Kid from Utah decided to go for a ride to the next state. Being In Quarantine. Especially being a kid. A young boy, Stuck In Quarantine. Was anxious to go somewhere. But with his parent's working, and his younger sister taking a nap right after babysitting. Made this young boy even more frustrated. This 5 year old boy decided to take a set of keys to his parent's car. And hit the interstate to California. The roads on the highway must of been busy. because this boy was going too slow to keep up. Eventually the highway patrol men went after him. And to their surprise, The Kid made up a quick story. Stating " I am going to go look at the lambo's " The cops Brought the kid back home. And then, later he was able to go to the place with his dad. But, they did not end up buying a New car. Rather than the kid not saying a thing about how bored he was.

Music By: The Driving Force Jingle Punks


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