The best Invention of all times

We live in a world that is built using bricks and mortar. All the buildings that stand tall from skyscrapers to even the single storied ones use the same combination of materials that keep them together without toppling over – Concrete.

The invention of concrete dates back to ancient Rome.

No wonder why Romans colosseums and cathedrals stood the test of time without losing its beauty or aura! The Romans used a different combination of elements to create a binding mixture than their modern-day equivalent. Pozzolana uses an aluminous and siliceous mixture which reacts with calcium hydroxide at room temperature in the presence of water to form a substance that has cementitious properties.

Pozzolana or pozzuolana also known as pozzolanic ash (Latin: pulvis puteolanus), is a natural ... Although pioneered by the ancient Greeks, The Roman port at Cosa was built of pozzolana-lime concrete that was poured under water, apparently using a long tube to carefully lay it up without allowing sea water to mix with it. The three piers are still visible today, with the underwater portions in generally excellent condition even after more than 2100 years.


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