Tick Tock Trash Day Prank

A Random Tick Tock Member recently went viral. Receiving over 3 million hits for the Vid prank. Even though this is something you do on your day off. She seemed to pull the prank together perfectly with her two younger brothers. When the trash collectors were close by, shannon hid a few feet away from the garbage cans. When one of the trash men went to lift the black bag. She quickly jumped up and scared the trash collectors. The trash collectors ended up jumping back. And one of them almost having a heart attack. I don't think it was their favorite day on the job collecting trash. This is not the first time this prank has been done. But, the neighbor hood was just right to pull off this kind of prank. I think someone really could've gotten hurt. Leave a comment

Music By: The Deal is Going Down Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions


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