[Treasure Hunting] - Man finds Buried Chain

See how this man finds buried chain. In the United Kingdom, This Outdoor Explorer, was looking for treasure hunting, rain or shine he did not care. He had his metal detector. Anticipating on finding some buried treasure. On this day we was actually stumbling across A pretty big chain, so he continued to follow the chain. it was a ways till he found some bones. He thought were human bones. He had no choice but to call in the authorities for a closer look. Then all of a sudden, someone mentioned that the bones were not at all human. So when Mike called National Museum of Wales. At first, they did not understand what he was talking about.. Until He mentioned the bones were old and probably from a horse. So when the Archaeologists stopped by for a dig. They seemed to of gotten really lucky with their particular findings that day. These Historic Items were from the celtics back in 420 bc. Thes prehistoric items were sold to the National Museum of Wales. Comment on the movie.


Music By: Destination Unknown Ugonna Onyekwe #treasure #hunting #HollyWorld


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