What Soda Was LIKE Back In The Day

SSSSome people devour themselves in soda.

I never understood why. Until now. I'm 30 And love soda.. But always watched what I ate and especially watched what I drank. Including dyed Soda.

Yes, You hear that right. I LOVE SODA. But.. don't want the color to effect my pearly white's. Or deteriorate my gums from the acid.

well, over all that may sound a little paranoid...When a decade (10yrs) down the road your teeth look rotten and dark. With Alot of money to spend re whitening them is very costly. In the 1000's +.. Just for a few shades up of a coke stain.

make sure you out this vid. Learn some interesting Things about what soda was used for back in the day, If people even Liked It. What the ingredients was in soda ect.......

If you need help learning what to didn't know. Well Now you know. The world Use to be a way worse place than it is now even through all the natural disasters which occur periodically through-out most people's lives.

100% The world is a way better place for everyone in the 2000-2020


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