Whiskey Festival

Come and enjoy the 8th annual Whiskey festival. Over the year's, this event has grew exceedingly large. And is now one of the largest whiskey obsession festival in the world. Containing 100's of different types of whiskey's, there's almost nothing stopping you from trying out these fine drinks. Concluding all the nice flavors out there, don't hesitate to try.

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Find great recipes, and drink raw whiskey of any kind, enjoy the tastings, along with classes, and a nice whiskey dinner buffet. This festival is simply, a popular place. Come and enjoy everything surrounding whiskey. A few distillers and professional brand ambassadors will be present to share their knowledge and passion of the alcohol of there preference. Be exited to learn how to make your own whiskey also.


1212 East Avenue South

Sarasota, Florida, 34239

United States

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