World War 2 Plane found 3 decades later

When a team of exhibitionist's found the plane,The plane in the swamp remained a mystery and sat in its grave for decades.

this plane was left stranded while the wolrd war 2 pilots am-scrawed. And it took them 6 weeks to find their way back through the wilderness. They battled bad weather wild animals, and disease. So in-turn they really couldn't find their plane in the ned... was were to bust with war-fare at the time....the plane was just lost.

they had to find a way to get it out.

Little by little, they took the old plane apart and flew the pieces via helicopter to a boat waiting close by.

Although its mission was never completed, it was rumored to be the world’s only un-retired World War II-era B-17E bomber still in one piece.

In the end, when the job was done, the legendary B-17E bomber was finally retired and given the resting place it deserved.

It stay's in the Pacific Aviation Museum in Hawaii when people from around the world can come and take a look at it.

Music by: Ticker Silent Partner


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